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Legal Counseling - Counseling on legal matters free of charge

Any person may call over at the LAC Head Office or any of its 60 centers island-wide and seek legal opinion on matter of interest to them. In circumstances that the centers are not in a position to certain complicated legal issues, the centers get appropriate advice from Head Office. Court Wo

Court work

Litigation – The Litigation services are limited to persons whose monthly income level is Rs. 15,000/= or less. (Land, Divorce, Money recovery, accident compensation, domestic violence, Maintenance, Labour, debt conciliation board matters, rent board matters, bail, appeals, debt conciliation board matters, Fundamental rights violation cases

  •  Court Representation in Fundamental Rights Cases

The Legal Aid Commission undertakes rights violation cases in the following instances: Direct Complaints of Rights Violations: Where persons call over at the LAC Head Office, Colombo or any of its outstation centers in a rights violation issue, the justice or the means test would be applied for the beneficiaries and if deserving the LAC appears for the aggrieved party in the Supreme Court. Rights Violations referred by the Human Rights Commission (HRC): In matters referred by the Human Rights Commission, the LAC represents the litigant in the Supreme Court if there is a legal issue for a rights violation case.

If not, the litigant / client are given necessary legal counsel Complaints referred to the LAC by the Supreme Court under Rule 44 (7) (b) of the Supreme Court Rules Where a person complaints to the Supreme Court on his behalf or on behalf of another of an infringement or imminent infringement of a fundamental right or language right and if such complaint discloses prima facie of an infringement, the Chief Justice may assign a Supreme Court judge to exercise his/her discretion to direct the registrar to refer such complaint to the Legal Aid Commission or to any attorney-at-law who is a member of any panel or an organization established for such purpose. Such complaints under the aforesaid rule 44 (7) (b) is to be treated as a petition in writing under and in terms of Article 126 (2). On this reference the LAC shall prepare and file the relevant papers in the Supreme Court and support of such application

  • Court representation to seek the release of the remandees on bail

Prior to the year 2009 the LAC appeared for bail cases. But due to financial constraints this was implemented only if representations were made by the kith of a suspect in custody or subsequent to prison visit by LAC lawyers.

In the year 2008 the UNDP – EA2JP funded the Prisons programme in Welikade and the Magazine Prisons. Due to the success story of the Project, the UNDP extended its financial support in the year 2010 to six (6) prisons and in the year 2010 to nine (9) prisons including Jaffna, Batticaloa and Trincomalee in the North and the East

  • Representation in other forums

  • Raising Legal Awareness through the Media

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Legal advise is given to any person without taking into consideration the income level of such person.

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