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Funding for Activities of the LAC for the year 2010

The success of the LAC as a legal service provider is the Annual State grant that is given to the LAC via the Ministry of Justice I the Annual budget of the Ministry and duly approved by Parliament.

  1. The Annual Grant by the state for the year 2010 was augmented by the UNDP and the NRC

  2. The UNDP-EA2JP and NRC contributions to the LAC are set out in Part – II Finance report.

More or less all programs except in the North were funded by the UNDP – EA2JP project under the Ministry of National Languages and Social integration. The programmes in the North were co-funded by both the UNDP – EA2JP and NRC.

Media Programme Schedule

The Question / answer Pages of the Daily News and Lankadeepa were collated in book-form, printed and made available for sale in the year 2008. This continued into the year 2010 and the sales were quite satisfactory. Those purchasing this publication are not limited to lawyers and law Students but include present and retired public officials and the general public.

The Media Programmes were our legal officers participated commenced a couple of years ago and continue to date.

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Legal advise is given to any person without taking into consideration the income level of such person.

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